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Technological freedom

We live in an age of technological freedom and photography everywhere. Most people carry a smartphone that can record when an event occurs. These videos are often displayed in the news and on the internet. In the area of ​​law enforcement agencies, there is a lot of debate as to whether police need to wear body-mounted cameras so they can record an accident in real time. In Rialto, California, police stations use in-vehicle cameras to keep track of what's happening between government officials and the general public.

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Does Curiosity Kill the Cat?

Humans have desires inside of them; when the time comes, these desires will show their true selves. Some of these desires include being good or evil, being loved and cared for, and a desire to be selfish. However, one trait of human nature that is the root of all these other desires. This human nature characteristic is curiosity, the desire to learn more than what has already been learned. This desire is represented well in the short story Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. Shelley did not write about just this one aspect of human nature, however, but about several other aspects. Yet, curiosity is consistently evident through the actions of Walton, Frankenstein, and the creature, causing most of the other desires of human nature that Shelley has written about.

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Consumerism is the excessive buying and a preoccupation of society with material goods. Consumerism is ever present today. People are constantly buying products because it is attractive to own more. Today, the more material goods which someone owns, the wealthier they appear to be. This idea causes people to buy more because being wealthy is one of the best titles to hold in a society. Usually, wealth is a sign of power in the United States, because the wealthiest people hold high positions in the government or contribute to consumerism by creating products and services that promote it. Consumerism also promotes the idea of individuality. People can buy whatever they believe suits their personal interests and fits their personality. Consumerism does not point to specific products, but rather allows people to buy what they want.

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